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Why Everyone Needs Diamonds

Diamonds might be April’s birthstone, but everyone should think about wearing more of these gorgeous gems. They’ve been a coveted possession for thousands of years, and that may be because, in addition to looking beautiful, they’re believed to have an intrinsic mystical value. According to the Cape Town Diamond Museum, “From the earliest of times, the diamond was considered a magical intermediary between man and the unseen forces of nature that governed his fate.”
In the Roman Empire and ancient Greece, diamonds were believed to convey invincibility to its wearers. So warriors would wear their diamonds into battle. The ancient Egyptians placed diamonds in the center of the top loop of ankh symbols, which indicated everlasting life. Today, diamonds represent faithfulness, purity, and innocence. What's more, diamonds inspire creativity, ingenuity, endurance, and helps to manifest abundance in all areas of life. A sparkling diamond is the symbol of the richness of the self.
What bette…